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Lista Completa de los Bakugans

La lista se ira aumentando a medida que vayan apareciendo nuevos

Voltra es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon.

Scraper es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon

Klawger es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon

Helios es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon.
Helios Auctions

Motra es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon

Percival es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon.

Tricosarus es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon

Kilroy es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon.

Faroh es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon

Leerfam es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon

Hawklea es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon

Brontes es un nuevo Vestroia Bakuneon

Season 2
New Vestroia

Special Attack Trap Zoack
Bakugan Special Attack Trap Zoack, Does Not have any G Power, they are Special Attack Bakugan which have a cube shape and either a special attribute or G-Power. Bakugan Special Attack Trap can be used in combination with regular Bakugan for more strategic battles and even more powerful attacks.

Special Attact Spin Dragonoid
From Season 2 New Vestroia is the Special Attack Spin Dragonoid. The new SPiN Special Attacks atctually "spin" as the open-up on a metal card.

Special Attack Spin Ravenoid
From Season 2 New Vestroia is the Special Attack Spin Ravenoid. The new SPiN Special Attacks atctually "spin" as the open-up on a metal card.

Special Attack Angelo/Diablo
Angelo/Diablo Preyas is a Bakugan with two bodies, Angelo and Diablo. Angelo Preyas is a Haos bakugan while Diablo Preyas is a Pyrus bakugan. In the anime, they are one of the guardian bakugan of Marucho Marukuro, along with Preyas.

Special Attack Trap Epsilon
New Vestroia, Special Attack Trap Epsilon is 1 of 6 new "Trap" Special Attacks. Epsilon is shaped like a pyamid and as far as we can tell at the moment, normal Trap rules apply. If you know more anything more about Trap Epsilon please contact us

Special Attack Trap Pythantus
New Vestroia, Special Attack Trap Pythantus is 1 of 6 new "Trap" Special Attacks. Pythantus is shaped like a snake and as far as we can tell at the moment, normal Trap rules apply. If you know more anything more about Trap Epsilon please contact us

Special Attack Trap Carlsnaut
New Vestroia, Special Attack Trap Carlsnaut is 1 of 6 new "Trap" Special Attacks. As far as we can tell at the moment, normal Trap rules apply. If you know more anything more about Trap Epsilon please contact us

Special Attack Trap Scorpion
New Vestroia, Special Attack Trap Scorpion is 1 of 6 new "Trap" Special Attacks. As far as we can tell at the moment, normal Trap rules apply. If you know more anything more about Trap Epsilon please contact us

Packs include cards from Set D. Introduced Dual Attribute Bakugan, with "swapped" parts. Also reverse color schemes, where the highlight determines the attribute, and clear Bakugan. Clear Bakugan (without an attribute symbol at all, not clear with attribute highlights) take the form of their opponent's attribute (if both Bakugan are clear, players choose).

He is giant frog-like bakugan and one of the Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia and the most tactical of the Lengendary Soldiers of Vestroia.

Wyvern, (pronounced way-vern) is fused with the Infinity Core, she is Webmaster Joe's guardian bakugan, and first appeared in Joe's dream while he was in the hospital. She is Naga's twin sister, Naga is fused with the Silent Core.

One of the six soldiers of vestroia, A plant-like eagle with vine wings. Oberus was the Sixth Soldier of Ventus(Air/Wind). She takes the form of a maiden in green clothing, but her true form is similar to a Skyress, only larger.

One of the six soldiers of vestroia, a bakugan similar to hydranoid only with 5 heads.

Apollonir is the Leader of the Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia.

Clayf is one of the six Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia

Lars Lion
The Haos legendary soldier of Vestroia.

Ultimate Dragonoid Naga
A skeletal, split-nosed, dragon-type Bakugan who was an outcast due to the fact that he and his twin-sister Wavern were not aligned with any of the six regions of Vestroia.

Packs include cards from Set C. Introduced clear and translucent figures

Monarus is a human-like butterfly Bakugan. In the anime, she is one of Shun Kazami's bakugan.

Monarus has the ability to fly beyond gate cards

Harpus is a human-like Ventus Bakugan. She is Komba's Guardian Bakugan and loves to make fun of any other Bakugan on the field. Often calling Skyress an old lady, she is very arrogant.

Rattleoid pops out his head and tail.

Sirenoid is a mermaid-like Bakugan that soothes souls with its magical lyre.

A large, muscular humanoid with four arms and three faces. Chan's Guardian Bakugan. Each face changes with different abilities, such as rage or sadness.

Tentaclear's real form resembles a floating eye with several apparently immobile tentacles coming from it.

El Condor
El Condor is a bakugan with a tiki head that is huge compared to its arms and legs. It has an odd ability to fly even though it has no wings.

Bee Striker
A bee-like Bakugan Battle Brawler which has a deadly stinger.

This series introduced larger B2 ("Bigger Brawlers") marbles (32mm), with higher G-Power. It also included B2 "Pearl" Bakugan (white Bakugan with attribute color highlight). Packs include cards from Set B, including (as usual) Gate cards matching the figures.

Hammer Gorem
Gorem is a humanoid, Egyptian-style golem bakugan with a shield that can decrease the G power of any bakugan that hits it. It has a Subterra attribute from the show.

Preyas cannot evolve but he can spawn himself into Angelo/Diablo Preyas. Diablo is a tough, smack-talking devil version with devil horns and Pyrus powers.

Blade Tigrerra
The evolved version of Runo's Tigrerra.

Storm Skyress
Skyress evolves into a larger, more powerful winged beast.

Ravenoid is a human-like raven Bakugan with armor. They covet destruction and fly in many numbers.

A warrior Bakugan, tall armoured human wielding a mace.


A large worm-like Bakugan with a huge, gaping mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

Series 2
Series 2 introduced a new ruleset, and new cards, but has the same marbles as Series 1 (28 mm). Packs include cards from Series 2 - Set 1, which has Gate cards for all figures except Siege (which had a matching Ability card). This was the last set before the larger B2 figures.

Like a Praying Mantis t grabs the prey with its strong front legs, bites the head off and then eats the prey.

Terrorclaw appears as a large crab. It has four legs, two protruding from the front and two protruding from the back, and large picers, one on either end of its body, which serve as hands. It is common to see a Terrorclaw attack by grabbing a Bakugan with these enormous claws.

Gargonoid takes the shape of a large, moving Gargoyle.

A Bakugan that looks like a knight with a long spear and armor. With different attributes, Siege uses a different weapon.

It is an elephant that has protective guarding on it's nose, body, and feet.

A giant Cyclops Bakugan with a hammer in his right hand.

A winged sphinx-like Bakugan.

A Werewolf-like Bakugan with amazing speed.

Series 1
As well as basic Bakugan, figures are available in several color variations - Pearl, Translucent, Clear and Translucent with Pearl highlights. These figures were also available in Series 2 packages (with Series 2 - Set 1 cards).

Centipoid is a centipede Bakugan that has pinchers that are larger than its head between its eyes.

The Reaper Class is no stranger to vengeance. In fact, they take great pride in unleashing a powerful fury on their helpless targets. Filled deep inside with a type of rage unlike any experienced on earth, Reapers will methodically plan their revenge. When an opportune time arises, they will deliver striking blow after striking blow until nothing is left except for a wicked sense of satisfaction.

The Robotallian Class places great value on their sense of duty and protection, and will let nothing get in the way of fulfilling those responsibilities. The Robotallian Class serves and protects its allies. Fierce claws and gigantic blades located within their bodies are capable of slicing cleanly through any substance. They move at high speeds and are extremely difficult to view with the human eye.

Fear Ripper
The Fear Ripper Class is swift and deadly with its giant blades, performing their dirty work undercover. They are chameleons, capable of changing into fire, earth, light, water or wind. A complicated Bakugan that never reveals its true identity, the Fear Ripper Class are oddly shy, however, still charming and fun.

The Dragonoid class is designed to seek and destroy. Equipped with high intelligence, they are limited in Battle mobility but compensate for through powerful strikes. Dragonoids will also fire high-speed oscillating, electromagnetic waves from their venomous mouths, annihilating anyone who gets in their way.

A humanoid triceratops-like Bakugan. The Saurus Class are tough, hardcore Brawlers. Dismissing strategy and camouflage as excess baggage in Battle, they attack their opponents head on and leave little to the imagination. Nothing makes the Saurus Class happier then to see their victims actually believe they stood a chance prior to the Brawl. It is only after all hope has been erased with a hammer of pain that the Saurus Class is satisfied to continue on their way.

The Serpeniod Class squeezes the life out of its enemies. This Bakugans attack is extremely fast but the suffering it inflicts is slow and methodical. Their power grows as the life of their enemies is slowly sucked away, leaving them with nothing. The Serpenoid Class slithers low to the ground but is quick to rise up and Battle other Bakugan.

The Falconeer Class targets its prey from high above. This Bakugan is a bird beast with extreme clairvoyance that is capable of seeing through things regardless of distance and coverage. Most importantly, this special Bakugan can resurrect itself and right any wrongs it may have experienced. Defeating it once is simply not enough.

The Juggernoid Class possesses the most natural destructive force of any Bakugan. Inflicting even the smallest amount of damage to these heavily armoured, walking fortresses has proven to be a task most difficult for any Brawler. Their armor has no visible weaknesses to exploit during Battle, and the force with which they hammer opponents sends shockwaves throughout the Bakugan Universe.

A large robot with shoulder-mounted laser cannons.

Lion with wings, a powerful creature from ancient times updated to a robot version.

Stinglash is a scorpion-like Bakugan with a human head. Its tail is full of toxins that can fatally injure an opponent. A Stinglash's covering is made of titanium and cannot be penetrated by anything.

A Hydra-like Bakugan. Masquerade's/Alice's guardian Bakugan. He's extremely violent and arrogant. He feeds off the power of the Bakugan sent to the Doom Dimension, allowing him to evolve.

A chameleon-like Bakugan. Able to change his attribute. Marucho's guardian Bakugan. Aside from being able to change his attribute Preyas is a wise cracking comedian.

A White Tiger-like Bakugan. Runo's guardian Bakugan. She is also called "Tig" by Runo.

he is from the “Skyress Species”, living in the Ventus space. Skyress has a gigantic wing span and numerous long tails. At the tip of her tails there are sharp feathers. She is clairvoyant and can see through objects; however, the ultimate ability of the Skyress species is the ability to resurrect. She can also evolve to Storm Skyress.

A giant golem-like Bakugan. Julie's guardian Bakugan. His Mega Impact attack causes the enemy Bakugan to lose 100gs and Gorem to gain 50gs. That is one of the reasons the giant Bakugan is very tough to defeat, besides his tremendous strength.He resemble a Egyptian styled golem.

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